FO Pics: A couple of items I recently knitted.

Took some pics last night of some stuff I recently knitted.

I had already posted a pic of the scarf, but had also knit a matching hat. I think the two go well together. I also knit a drawstring bag from some Serenity Garden Yarn from Premier Yarns. It's a pretty simple bag with an i-cord drawstring. I'll likely knit a similar bag soon with the leftover yarn from the Color Affection shawl that I'm knitting right now. Such bags are a very utilitarian way of using up leftover yarn, or stash busting.


Bill's picture

Beautiful, even, knitting!
...What do the men think of your knitting?

Most of the soldiers here think it's cool. I just knit an "anger scarf" for one of the soldiers here that matches the one in the pic, but only a little narrower. We call it the "anger scarf" because of the expression "I knit so that I don't kill people."

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That is a very nice cap and scarf set. I like the extra long ribbed section and often do the same on my hats; the extra can be folded up and helps keep the back of my neck warm.

The bag is intriguing...I may have to keep it in mind for a gift.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very nice and very wearable items! Nice work!

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Nice work! They look very warm and comfy. I am in the process of doing a hat and scarves for my brothers. Thanks for the visuals.