I have posted lots of pictures of my knitting on Facebook ,if you care to view.

As you can see, this is my passion!


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no way I can see them on facebook. It would be helpful if you posted them here.

Hear, hear.

I am sorry that I cannot post these pix on this site. My Ipad does not allow me to upload that way. I am hoping to upgrade to the the new Ipad 3 which does that. For now, Facebook is the only way I can show these.

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What a lovely collection. I love all those socks. Do you always do them the same way?

My basic sock is knit top down on size 2.5 mm Addi 12 inch circular needle, using dps for heel flap and toe. Usually 60 sts for men, 52 or 56 sts for ladies. I prefer the heel flap and gusset and a round toe which seems to adjust to most feet and is less " fiddly" than ending with Kitchener stitch. Usuing the small circular needles and Continental style knitting, I am able to make one sock in a day. As you can see, I have knit literally HUNDREDS of's an addiction and a constant source of enjoyment!

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You are lucky you can knit with the 12 inch. I can't but I can imagine it would make the project go quickly.

A very impressive array of knitting. Over what period of time did you knit all of that?

Some of the sweaters go back quite a few years, the socks and crochet are mostly from the last three years. I have been knitting (self taught) for over 40 years. I am very fast....usually knit 200 yards of yarn each night, so my addiction is an endless thread of enjoyment!

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I don't have Facebook, so I can't see them. :(

If have now downloaded Icab onto my Ipad, so I can upload pix toMen Who Knit! Sorry for the previous Facebook connection. There's no stopping me now!