Two weeks in Florida with my mother

Hi boys!
I am heading down to The Villages, FL, 32159. I'll be there from tomorrow, Sat. 16 and returning on March 1. That gives me a week to play and explore, then she comes home on the 22nd. It is a beautiful community there so I hope that I can hook up with a couple guys who would like to visit the homestead and get very comfortable and just sit on the floor and lean back and create some stunning fibre art. So if anyone is available all this week surely let me know. I can whip up some goodies to get us nicely fed. You all can bring the wines. I'm thinking an Italian dinner. It will be like a mini-retreat for those who live in the area. Let me know if you are interested. I know this is short notice, but I am hoping that a few guys would enjoy stripping down to the tank tops in 70-degree weather and just enjoy some sunshine.

SOOO if you are in Central Florida, let me know, I'd love to spend some time with some of you.



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Mark, if I were on that corner of the continent I'd be on it like a dog.

I just checked it out on Google Earth. Lots of hiking possibilities around there too. I hope you have a great time. (Mind the pythons and alligators, though.)

That change in latitude has got to be kind of a delicious anticipation for someone from Chicago in February...

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Enjoy your holiday, Mark.

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You're a good son to take care of your mom, AND have some relaxation at the same time. Couldn't be at a better time of year. Enjoy and safe travels, my friend.