coughing and sneezing and knitting

It's like this. I have the worst cold I can remember. I took a swan dive into bed a week ago and feel like I'm just turning the corner. The Kimberly-Clark Corp sent me a thank you bouquet for helping their stock market prices soar due to my abundant use of tissues. In between sneezing and coughing, I have been knitting like crazy to keep my hands busy. Attached is a pic of a large chunky cowl that has kept me warm for the last few days. Worked up fast and was soooooooo comfortable when thrown on top of loungewear.


p.s. I never realized how far TV had sunk into the pits of hell until this week. How many frickin' reality shows do we REALLY need (if any)? Were Dante still alive and interested in amending his circles of hell, reality shows would have a wide berth. Just saying.

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Love your comments on "Reality TV". I think that I hear the hooves of the FOUR HORSEMEN....we must be near the END now !!

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Your cowls always look great, I really need to try to knit one after I finish this out of control afghan I am knitting. TV - don't have one. Gave it up seventeen years ago. Do I miss it? Not a bit. So what do I do with my time you ask? Volunteer for many worthy causes like my publlic library; knit, but most of all read. Do people still read? I also understand that writing, that is long hand, is going the way of the Dodo, as this medium I am using (keyboard) to communicate with is all that is necessary to teach the kids today. What a pitty as their is nothing more satisfying than writing or receiving a hand written letter. Well, a hand knitted item is right up there too. Keep up the good work and may your cold be a thing of the past when you read this.


I hope you start feeling better. Love the Dante reference to TV. I hate most TV programming. Pretty much just stick with educational programming when I'm home. Otherwise I watch knitting videos, etc.

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Lovely work. Get well soon.

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Do get well soon. Make more stuff. Keep surrounding yourself with positive thoughts, people and actions.

LOL...I have friends who have worked in the entertainment industry...your observations on fictional reality TV are sharp. If memory serves me, the Ninth Circle is reserved for seditious traitors.

Out of camera view is a producer or production assistant, giving direction and controlling all the action on camera for all so-called reality TV. Warms the heart knowing they have a hellish ending in store.

Be well.

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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