Mens knitting in Amsteram Netherlands

Hi guys. I will be taking a vacation in August of this year (end of month) to Amsterdam the Netherlands. I was wondering if anyone had any information of any mens knitting groups there? I have googled for the yarn shops and found several some close to where I will be staying please let me know.


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Please enjoy your trip..I'm so jealous.

Nancy Marchant, who wrote a good book about the brioche stitch ("patent steek"), and who runs a wonderful website devoted to it, is well versed with the knitting scene in Amsterdam, and is very helpful. I suggest you write her at, and also check out her book and website (same URL). If you're spending much time in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is a small country with tons to see if you get tired with Amsterdam itself. You won't want to return to the US!

And she teaches a class on brioche on Craftsy. I just purchased the class the other day.


Hey Dan thanks for the help. I just wrote her a email this am. I plan on being there end of August and thought it would be great way to meet other guys who love knitting much as I do an a different view of the Netherlands besides the "touristy" stuff.
I have tickets and stuff to the major events (Rijks opens this year YEA!) and do plan two day or half day trips one to Haarlem and the other to Zutphen in Gelderland I will also be looking for yarn in these two cities as well. LOL.
Thanks for the help hopefully I will hear from her as well.
Ps have you heard anything about a knitting retreat for the midwest? A friend of mine went to the one in Kal and he said something about it being on Raverly However I didn't find anything on there about it. I'm hoping they have one close by.

Kalamazoo hosted one retreat, but I didn't attend. I think there were announcements on MWK site. The folks at Marr-Haven near Allegan might be up to date. I've never attended a retreat, but after spending a trans-Atlantic flight sitting next to Nancy Marchant, I think anything else would pale in comparison. I've never been to Haarlem, but know it's historically a very important town. Also I've never been to Zutphen, but there's tons of interesting and beautiful sites near it; I love Apeldoorn, de Hoge Veluwe, the Kroller-Muller Museum and sculpture park, het Nederlands Openlucht Museum (which 40 yrs ago had really cool spinning, weaving and flax working exhibits). Although it takes only several hours to bike from Amsterdam to Arnhem, you could spend at least a week visiting all the sites and beautiful towns inbetween.


I'm seriously thinking of renting a bike in Amsterdam to do all my travel. (knock on wood) at least within the city. If I am up to it I might just jot off to Haarlem and see how I fair. Worse I can get are butt burns from the ride. I once when I was planning this trip a few years ago found a bike tour. However now they seem to have lapsed.
Yes I suppose being next to her on the plane was great! I just noted too she was born in of all places Indiana. I hope she responds, would love to know what city she was born at.
I have my second sock knitting class this Sat, and looking forward to it. I met a lady at my church who knits all of her own socks. I thought that was great idea. However I can't get over some of the pickiness some people have. When I told her were I am taking the class(we have only two knitting yarn shops in Fort Wayne besides JoAnn's and Michaels) she told me that was a bad idea. That they don't teach you the right way. I told her it was close and I have a good working relationship with the owner, and she remarked "well i hope it works out for you". Goes to show you each person has their own tastes and needs even in knitting.

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We're taking a short vacation to Amsterdam at the end of May. I'm planning to buy some yarn while I'm there. My mother's grandmother was a Vanderhoof, and her ancestors were from Beesd. I thought something I knit on the flight back with yarn from there would make a better souvenir for her than some 'made in China" touristy crap.


I am hoping to hit all the knit stores in Amsterdam. I will hopefully rent a fiets for the week. This should allow me some flexibility greeting around the city. I hope to also hit some of the markets, hopefully looking for some antique knitting items. I guess the idea of transporting knitting needles on the airplane is still out. LOL Hey if i get stopped for terrorist activities how exciting.
My mothers family is Dutch. Although they came here almost 400 years ago, I find them fascinating. One branch was quite wealthy and have some of their homes are still on the Golden Bend. In fact one is like a hop and step down from Herengracht where I will be staying. So a mixture of two of my favorite hobbies genealogy and knitting what could I ask for.