Knitting socks II

Well today we had our second knitting class on socks. Evidently we are meeting every two weeks for 4 times; so our next meeting will be the 9th of March. Seems rather odd.
I was able to figure the mystery of the heel now, and how the basic shape magically appears with your needles. So we worked on this for about an hour.
I get a kick out of listening to the other group members rattle on. I am not much of a big talker, but everyone once and awhile I put something in. We are doing the knit one slip the next stitch. The poor lady on my right was going on and on about various subjects, then you would hear her say "oops i knitted that row" and she would have to rip off the row and start again. Being the only one knitting in finger weight I have to knit 14 rows the rest of the group is ten. I do not think this poor lady had but one or two rows knitted. But the fun was just listening.
Believe it or not this is one thing I also enjoy about knitting. You can be watching or rather hearing "The Big Bang Theory" on the tv and still be knitting along, and for the most part with a few dodges to the tv pretty much pick up the story. Same with chatting at a knitting group, I can listen pretty well while knitting, as long as the pattern isn't too complex.
I love knitting lace, you know the yarn overs, knit three together bit, those require some serious concentration. And I really get lost in the quiet and peace of that structure. So it serves a purpose for me with centering and listening to me. I seem to inward focus better. These times I cherish alone.
I work with emotionally disturbed children of all ages. Believe it or not one of my clients knits. He's in middle school that awkward period for most kids. He has autism, which makes it even more awkward, and being male in a midwestern school on top of it(public at that!) he is up against quite a bit.
I encouraged him on the knitting. Especially as a tool for relaxing. In times he feels pressured to explode, he now has an option to express it. I even told him if he had scarp yard around, just knit up a storm! Anything form purling till he is calmer to just mixing it up for fun.
I hope it works for him. Funny isn't what you think of when your knitting.


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Great job on encouraging the young fellow to knit. Having ssomething to concentrate on and such is vey good for him. And anyone else who chooses to take up our art/craft.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.