Part 2 Weinstein's Raglan

Good Morning Fellow Knitter's,

Well I've got to say I absolutely love this pattern and Weinstein's book "Knits Men Want". I've always wanted to do a top down raglan and could not be happier with this pattern and his directions. The pattern begins on page 53 and starts with taking and recording body measurement to ensure a perfect fit. I am knitting a chest size 44. Mine actually measures 42 but I want a little room. My waist drops to a 33 so I'll taper the body slightly as I go.

After you cast on the appropriate number of stitches you knit the fabric shaping the raglan. Increasing stitches where markers have been strategically located for the front halves, shoulder sleeves and back. The placket and button holes are worked as you continue to shape the raglan. That is where I am at in the pattern now. As you can see from the attached photos I've finished 3 holes and I am continuing down to the fourth. There are a total of 6 buttons in this design. I'll post again at the end of the placket and just when I join the body.

I am very pleased with the silk cotton blend. It's creating a very luxurious fabric that will feel great against the skin. I am so excited with this project. Something sensual about its thick undershirt quality.

Have a nice weekend all,


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nice work, I've never attempted a top-down raglan. How difficult is it? And where did you get the book?

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I have to say that I have done a couple of top down sweaters, and it always seemed just so right to do it that way. I guess it all depends on what you are used to. When patterns were always written from the bottom up, that is how we always did them! No one seems to want to rock the boat and do things a simpler way.

And you are right, JRob, that you can adjust as required for the fit YOU require. It can be done bottom up as well, but I think that requires a bit more math. Each to his own. All that matters is that you get the sweater YOU want. How you do it doesn't matter. All's fair in love and knitting!!

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Not difficult at all. I bought the book at a local yarn shop but I've seen it in the major book stores and you can get it on the net at Amazon shipped to your house.


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That looks great and ought to be a delight to wear. Great Job!

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I have this book and love it as well! I swear by top-down raglan sweaters now. I think with some good old-fashioned hard thinking, all sweaters should be able to be done without any seams. Yours looks great. I like that color a lot. I enjoy watching raglans grow.


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In the spirit of this thread, I offer for all the readers here a hearty recommendation...

The unparalleled expertise of top-down knitting from across the ages and lovingly re-created for the modern knitter is Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts' and Deborah Robson's excellent techniques book Knitting In The Old Way. You can knit garments for the rest of your days from examples and ideas in this book. You will never look at a so-called new design the same way again.

It's all been done before...everything so-called new is quite, guite ancient...but beautifully fit to your measure, your choice of yarns, your guage, your colors, your unique garment.

Take a look. Borrow it from the library if so inclined. I guarantee you will want your own copy.

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add to that "The Knitters Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters" by Ann Budd. It has the number charts for each guage, bu not the rich instructions of the Roberts book.

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I borrowed this book from my Knitters Guild yesterday and look forward to learning from it. I didn't find Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top Down so easy to follow.

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I didn't either...I particularly wanted to do the saddle shoulder, and the Walker one is confusing...Budds makes more sense.

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I've only done one top-down sweater and I loved it, any future sweaters will be top down.

How nice that your cardigan has the button holes as you go, having to knit and attach button holes after knitting the body has always put me off knitting a cardigan. The cotton/silk sounds a lovely combination.

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One of these days I'll get the hang of circulars* and tackle a top-down raglan, but for now, I'll continue to be inspired by the work of MWK artists.

*maybe not in this lifetime

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Great work. My favourite kind of sweater.