The Brethren WIP

This is one of my latest projects and it is a pattern from one of our own. Millard Fontenot "The Brethren Sock" It is a beautiful pattern. It has cables and it can be adjusted for different sizes. I have been enjoying making this sock, is not a hard pattern, but it has cabling. I hope you get to make yourself a pair of these .

Mistelzweig Sock WIP

This is the link for the pattern if you are interested in it, the pattern is for sale.


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Love the color and pattern. I'd like to see a pic when they are done. This on is coming along beautifully.


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Andy, you work is always inspiring. Love the color and the texture. WOW.


Looks great! Added it to my queue.

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Looking good, Andy. What yarn are you using? My pair was also in green - Cascade Heritage Handpainted - because the colorway reminded me of Wyoming landscapes.

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The yarn is wollemeise, it is superwash and lovely to knit with. It is a bit pricey. I have used cascade heritage and even though they are of different price ranges, the end result should be the same. Wollmeise has intense colors and the quality and strength of the yarn is extremely high. I bought it specifically to make socks and thus I am making some ha ha ha. Can't leave that yarn alone in the yarn stash. lol

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Thanks for the info...if I run across some at a decent price I'll add it to my sock stash.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.