A little spinning on Sunday

I just wanted to share some of my spinning. It is Suri alpaca and it is like a dream. I almost forgot how to spin, but that is ridiculous, there is muscle memory and that will come back as soon as you spend some time spinning.
Sunday Suri spinning


AKQGuy's picture

Enjoy, and I hope it comes back quickly. I myself need to get off the computer and get the wheel a turning too.

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I have a hard time imagining you forgetting how to spin, Andy. You will do a great job, as always.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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With your dutiful focus, you produce a beautiful locus. Brilliant!

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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You look almost as though you are meditating! I haven't tried the skill....yet!