Top-Down Raglan

Here is a top-down raglan knit in Noro "Kureyon". This is a good way to use self-striping yarns, as there is no matching of color bands necessary and it has a balanced final look.

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Very nice. My watch cap in natural colored Kureyon - ranging from gray to fawn/tan - always gets favorable comments.

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Eric, beautifully done. I admire your abilty. The Kureyon line of Noro is a favorite of matched the pattern with great confidence and a composed eye. I only recently learned that the Kureyon (Koo-ray-on) name was the transliteration of the English word crayon into Japanese! Your color choice exploits that quality well. Great choices, all around..

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What an awesome work of art, Eric. Hope you took time to pat yourslef on the back.

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Absolutely beautiful color choice and your stitching is stunning! Well done.

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Great use of Noro. Nothing drives me crazier to see mis-matched stripes. It offends me deeply. I could see myself making this raglan.

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