Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuzzn't Fuzzy, Wuzzy.

The controvery on TSA's policy about small sharp objects, large hocky sticks and inflated egos accompanying airflight passengers on commercial flights rages on Capitol Hill. I bask in the warm knowledge that knitting needles build civilization, and are hense, benign objects to the agency.

Sharpened sticks suggested to be used for knitting may challenge this quietude...my Jesuit friends have suggested following the example of Francis I...take the bus and keep to your humble knitting.

But I dissemble. My issue storms in controvery. Let me be blunt...ehhrrr...sharp.

Should the august TKGA (The Knitting Guild Association) command a leadership position in the use of sharp razors to tear unruly fleece a new surface, OR electric or mechanical shavers to mow down irregular tufts, OR hand-held friction tools that rip fiber from innocent knitwear?

What do you use to remove pills from YOUR handmade beauties?


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Electric beard trimmer with an adjustable guard. Fast and simple in my world.

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My job is
Keeping faces clean
And nobody knows
De stubble
I've seen

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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to cut-a da hair
to trim-a da beard
to make-a da bristle
clean as a whistle
dis is from early infancy
da talent give to me
by God

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Pills are the result of inferior quality yarns.

While some preparations for yarn produce a beautiful hand, they are not suitable for use as functioning pieces of clothing. For a scarf perhaps, for a sweater no. For something that is going to be worn, you need a good yarn that won't pill. Pills are the result of short fibres working their way to the surface (simply by wearing the garment) and matting themselves into small balls, most notably at sides of sweaters that are rubbed by sleeves. With proper yarn preparation, this does not occur.

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I recently bought a garter stitch sweater, which is something I don't see everyday. I wouldn't call it expensive, but not cheap either. Wore it only a couple times and it looks like, well, crap. I thought it might have something to do with the stitch since all my stockinette sweaters seem to wear normally. But you're probably correct that the yarn was inferior. Live and learn.