Double Knit, Double Trouble

Inbetween major projects right now, thought I would try something new... 2 color double knit.
Nothing too big a keychain fob, for my utility knife at work, (hate digging in my back pocket when it falls sideways, to replace the I-cord loop currently on it)
I tried to go too complicated with different images on each side. Working across Knit the front stich, Purl the back stitck, repeat, change colors (use back yarn to knit front for color change,and vice versa)
Keeping track of 2 images has gotten my head spinning, working front side right to left while working the back right to left. Easy enough, but finish the row, turn and each side reverses direction.
Gotten to the point of drawing each sides charts , cutting them in stips (columns) and putting in front column then back, then front...
Any advice?

Thanks all,
Here is what I got ...
Needs a better edge (selvage?)

Image icon DblKnit Keychain1.JPG302.58 KB
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Ok enough reinventing the wheel,
*heads over to Ravelry for a double knit book scarf pattern

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There's a double-knitting group on Ravelry.

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Try these to URLs, Alasdair Post-quinn is a male double-knitter and he knows everything there is to know about double knitting. (his homepage) (his blog)

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BEWARE!! I, personally, have fallen into a double-knit hole that I have yet to knit myself out of. Just sayin', pal: watch out. Flat, drapey stockinette. Color-work with more stretch than a limousine. It feels good. In your hand. On your head. Just about anywhere, really. So, like I say, be very careful. You might like it. A little too much, maybe...

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I see how double-knit could be addictive,
It lends itself to color-work nicely, stranding through the middle.
I was warned, but visions of multi-color tapastries, fill my head.
Time for more skill building exercises

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Lucy Neatby has a new tutorial on "" The instructions are kind of unique. Once you have bought Lessons they go into your library and you can see it over and over again. It is a very reasonable way of getting Lucy's tuition. They are 1/2 price at the moment

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Very cool! I like it!

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I have just start to drop into this hole. I have started a double knit hose topper. Hose topper are for kilt hose and are just the fold over section of knee high socks worn with kilts. Double knit in the round may be easier in that the patter never reverses, just round and round. Once finished just turn the topper inside out to see the other side.

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This is one of the few knitting techniques I've yet to try. I really need to dig in one of these days!

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If you can knit a 1x1 rib, you can double knit.

For 2 sided, 2 color (each side different color) try this:
Cast on 2x stitches for whatever size swatch you want
Work all Side1 K's and Side2 P's with colorA
Work all Side1 P's and Side2 K's with colorB
Both yarns back for K's
Both yarns forward for P's
Work each stitch with only 1 yarn.

for color changes, just work with off color

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Love this!