Lucy Neatby's on line Tuition

Lucy has ask me to pass along to MWK that she now has an on line tuition with Its launch was on this past Wed and is available for half price. She is teaching the ins and outs of Double Knitting in this Tutorial. Have a look and let Lucy know what you think.


Bill's picture

just bought the class!
I love the way Lucy teaches!
...if you use this link: can get the class for half price.

Tom Hart's picture

I think that I'm going to get this course also, Bill. All I can really do, even after a couple of years, is just basic double-knitting and the bottom-up cardigan that I'm trying to make is going to require more than that once I get to the armholes and beyond. I'm very glad to hear that you'll be taking the course as well. I will, no doubt, be asking you for help with the homework at the knitting group on Sundays...