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I am working on a new pair of socks using a simple pattern using bulky yarn. I have gotten everything correct but have gotten to a part that has totally baffled me. I am attaching the was free...and if you have time, would someone please look at it and on the Make heel flap section on the second page, can you help me interpret the highlighted section? I just don't get the part where I should start picking up the wrapped stitches. Since this section is supposed to be consuming the stitches that were increased during the gusset section, if I pick up the wrapped stitches....hmmm. I'm even too confused to explain it. I have also queried the designer, so if no one can help, I'll understand and hopefully get direction from her.

I heard back from the designer and she gave me a much clearer explanation than her pattern gave. No need to respond to this posting.


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Mark, The way I read it is K7, pick up the first wrapped stitch and slip them both together to the right needle. Knit the next stitch and pass the two slipped stitches over the knit stitch just made. That's the way I take it anyway. Hope this helps.


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Thanks Dennis,
What the designer told me was to K to the last 7 stitches picking up the wrapped stitches....I didn't know how to do that I know to pick up the wrapped stitch and then knit it with the stitch around which it was PSSO yet. Then at the last pick up and do the PSSO there. Then turn.

Thankfully, with the designer's clarification and youtube videos, it became clearer. Thanks for helping, Dennis. It's funny how easy it all is once you figure it out. I find myself saying, "Duh, of course, that makes sense." Then I go on my merry way knitting like I know what I'm doing...until the next new thing comes my way.