Estonian Lily of the Valley scarf

Hi guys, I just wanted to share a project that I completed
It's one of the Estonian lace scarves from...

...Nancy Bush's "Knitted Lace Of Estonia." It features the Lily of the Valley pattern which is quite fun to knit and produces a lovely end result. This project is something I made for the Kicking Cancer with Camden fundraising auction. I have my fingers crossed for a bidding war!

I followed the pattern as written with just one exception...I added two repeats to the body of the scarf. The two balls of Palette were more than called for so I figured why not. If anything it would possibly add the to functionality, giving the recipient more ways to tie/wear it.

Since finishing the scarf, I started Jared Flood's "Girasole." I would guess that I am just under halfway done, having just completed chart "D." It's coming along quite nicely and while it is a lengthy knit, the repeats are easy to remember and the numerous different charts keeps things interesting. Have any of you made it? If so, how did yours turn out?

Guess that's it for now. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!



I LOVE lace! This is beautiful you really did a great job!

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Beautiful work!
...hope it sells for big bucks!!!

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Thanks David and Bill!

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The nups look fantastic, good job!

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Oh my goodness that is gorgeous!!!

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Thanks so much! I've been meaning to ask you what the project is that you have as your profile picture, it's amazing!

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Stunning! I love it! So much in fact that I just ordered Nancy Bush's book....! Never tried lace, but this (and Knittingman's recent lace projects) have inspired me!

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Fantastic! Nancy is so wonderful and she really makes lace knitting easy. Like you, I had done no lace work before getting her book, but have since knit three pieces from it and have loved each one. FYI: Later editions of the book come with an instructional DVD, so hopefully yours will have it. That being said, my first copy didn't have the DVD and that's what I had when I made my first two pieces, so either way you'll be fine.

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Just checked - and the copy I snagged has the DVD - cant wait until it arrives Wednesday!

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You did a wonderful job with it and agree it can't hurt being longer to allow more versatility in wear. Here's hoping on that bidding war.

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Absolutely gorgeous!

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Thanks John, Quinton and Andy!

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I'm so jealous

Great job on the scarf!

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That's a great pattern Ken and you've made a lovely job of it. I bought the book, have knitted one pattern so far but want to do more. It's a good value book.

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Great bit of knitting...may a bidding war occur, resulting in lots of funds for your charity.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I love Estonia knitting and I think the color you chose is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful.

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Very beautiful scarf. I am starting lace now myself!

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Thanks, what lace project have you been working on?

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This is really very good Ken. I hope you raise lots and los of money for your charity. I too have this book and just love it.

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That is really astounding! I have just knit a small neckerchief with some nupps in them, and nearly went crazy! Those things are beautiful but what a pain to do!! Will I ever try them again? Will I do a Lily of the Valley? It's not going to be for some time yet! Yours is beautiful, and I may reconsider... but all those nupps --- I dunno.