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Although I'm a obsessed knitter, at times I need a break and this is what else I do.

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Beautiful work. I've always been amazed by beaders, but still keep even my beading to my knit work.

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Lovely. So exquisite!

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How dare you exhibit such incredible control and patience! Those are not seed beeds! Those are particles of colored sand! How dare you!

Ok. I'm over the shock and awe, now. Just beautiful.

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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Ha ha, thank you sir! Your comments mean a lot to me.

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Very lovely beadwork. I used to dabble in it but never reached that level of skill.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful work.

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Those are beautiful! Meticulously done. I would buy those if I saw them at a craft fair or a gift shop.

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Thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments. Now..back to my knitting!


WOW beading!. I have not done this in years. Back in the early 70's when choker were big in junior high school. I was a hit with the school. I use to bead design them I had people asking for them. I also started beading on a loom. I made my own based on some books I had at home for Indian bead work based on the woodland Indians.
These are great showing how skill for they are! Do you bead on a loom?

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Sometimes I bead on a loom, it's new to me, to I tend to work on it only now and then.