There are projects that require a certain level of focus above and beyond “normal” knitting. Beginning those projects is always easy. The excitement of choosing the intricate pattern and finding the perfect yarn carry over in to the first stitch. The project always moves along quickly for a while, but then, life tends to creep in.
That’s what happened to me last year with my heliotaxis pi shawl. I finally settled on some gorgeous Madelinetosh from Gypsy Wools. (You can find her on Facebook.) It’s 100% silk and the hand dyed green is simply amazing.
I cast on with excitement, chewing through round after round of fairly simple but interesting charts.
Then Christmas happened. I work for FedEx and you might imagine I get fairly busy around that time of year. Working 6 days a week 12 hours a day just doesn’t leave a lot of room for reading charts and counting stitches.
So, the lace lay dormant.
I finally picked it back up in March. Getting started again after so long is a Herculean task, but I managed. I suppose the knitting gods were kind to me and finally sent a bit of a nudge to get started. Either that or I was finally guilted by this pathetic green blob I’d been carrying around in my bag for 4 months. Either way, the heliotaxis is back in process!
It doesn’t look like anything more than a hole filled bag right now, but I know lace. It will be a thing of beauty once I stretch it to hell and fill it with pins. Just 2 1/2 more charts and it’s done!

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Hole-filled bag? He's much cuter that that....handsome, really. But you should do something about that sickly, green pallor...not looking good there, Mate! Don't know how good I would look stretched to the limit and needled, either.

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A most intriguing bundle of green knitting. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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Good luck! I know we have all had projects that, let us use the word linger. And I don't think you can go wrong with some Madeline Tosh lace weight, or anything else you can find at Gypsy Wools, they are a fantastic yarn peddler. Whether it's one of their own spun/dyed works or anothers they carry.