Pattern Question

Starting a vest (Rowan Harrison vest). Already says:

"beg with a K row work in st st. shaping sides by inc 1 st at each end of 15th row, then on 3 foll 14th rows."

Does this mean at the 15th knit row I increase by one at the beginning of the row and end of the row then for every 14th row I do the same thing three times more?

so...I increase eight stitches over 57 rows....yea?

I know this is probably simple, but other than one sweater and lots of socks, this is my first vest.

Also what kind of increase should I do?

Thanks guys ....I'm sure I will have more questions as I progress.


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What you wrote from the instructions in knitter pattern code is what you wrote out in ordinary English.

Congratulations. You speak Knittish now!

As to increases, you have several options. The most invisible increase in my experience is the lifted right increase or lifted left increase. This is detailed almost everywhere on the 'net...but I like Techknitter's blog best of all for the clearest illustrations of knitting I have ever found. Look up Invisible Increase in her index, or increases in any guide. The two increases essentially raise a leg of the stitch below, knit or purl into it, and move on. You can hardly tell it is there.

Have fun!

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