A Real Live FO!

A pair of toe-ups. The reverse Dutch heel still looks like nipples on my heels but I'll block them now. :-) They would have been identical twins but for a knot that appeared as i was doing the cuff. If i were really anal i could have wound ahead. But I'm not that anal.

Now I have to finish my Brethrens....

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Nice socks! I really like the color(s).

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I want my first pair to be like those!! I think they're great!

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Thanks. :) The yarn is Opal Mexico Colors. [OOPS! I lied, it's Fortissima Country Colors. http://www.carodanfarm.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/product5792.html ] They make some lovely colorways; this is "kalahari." The pattern is basically Denise's toe-up sock, which you can find if you google it. I use Judy's magic caston however; I like it better than Denise's. The rib is a seed rib which in this case is 1 round of 3k1p, followed by a plain knit round. 1x1 ribbing for the cuff and the extra-stretchy bindoff.

Though for a first pair, I'd probably do a top-down sock in a worsted weight just to get the general idea, then try a toe-up, before doing it with sock yarn. That way you'll learn a few tricks to avoid holes etc.

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Lovely! Great color palette. They look nice and comfy! Yes! :-)


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Very nice looking socks, Bob. And enough alike that we could call them "twins"...the main parts that will show match close enough for that designation. Just not enough to be "identical", nor different enough to be "fraternal".*

And to think - just a while back, you were first attempting socks.

*I know, I know --- picky, picky, picky. It comes from being a twin myself. ;-P

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Those are quite beautiful! They have a tortoise shell quality to them.

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Tanks. :) Schoeller Stahl makes some very nice sock yarns.

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Stunning socks! I really like that color. I would enjoy wearing those hiking.

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Yeah, I'm almost sorry to see the weather warming up, because it will be so not the season for wool socks. :)

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Wool socks help wick away moisture, so a thin pair of handknits may be quite comfortable in the warmer weather. I guess I'll find out...I plan to start wearing more of my socks for everyday.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.