I have the startitis, I have lost the battle.

Yeah, I cast on something new because I couldn't imagine working on one of the items in progress. I have fallen to another spring's case of the startitis even though I recognized the signs and symptoms but was defenseless in its path. This is the Apples For the Trees yarn I had plyed up this last week. I am knitting the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief.

And then since I couldn't bear to sit and knit on that any more today I dove into another project I've been tinkering with the thought of.

For the photographers in the bunch, you may recognize that as a light box. I got a wild burr up my bum today to make my own. I've been wanting one, and I keep looking at commercial ones available and have to admit I just couldn't see the cost being acceptable. So, I once again went perusing the internet for instructions to build my own, and this is what I came up with.

All of the instructions I found were using cardboard boxes, which like many of the preconstructed ones I have seen utilize in their construction. I thought that was rather flimsy and I had these wonderful sheets of styrofoam in the garage from a previous insulation project so I dug in. From what was supposed to be an hour long project and has now taken a good chunk of the day, a few rolls of duct tape (1.5 to be specific), 3 yards of interfacing, a good knife, and some not so great fore-planning to have this finished item now downstairs. Mind you, I found that I should have constructed it downstairs to begin with since when it was all put together the first time I then found I had to take it apart to get it downstairs. Damn 1950's male designers who didn't listen to their wives regarding house design.

It is quite sturdy. The original instructions I ran with used tissue paper or a shower curtain liner for the side panels to diffuse the light but I had some leftover thin interfacing that was used on a sewing project a couple years back that is a bit sturdier, and wont fray at the edges like a cloth without some sewing implemented, but how I detest sewing. Oh, and let's not forget the velcro I used to attach the interfacing so it can be easily removed and replaced with other light filtering media if wanted.

And once I got it all together, I then had to play with it, right? Of course.

The first thing handy was some of last years pickles. My very last bottle in fact. It was a bit fiddly getting the camera to play nice but with some leftover cotton fabric and a couple cheap utility clip on lights I think it will work quite nicely. I will play with back drops and what not but I think on bad outdoor lighting or no lighting at all late at night whenI want to snap a shot, it will be quite nice.

You saw this yarn in my last post over here but I pulled it out to play with the new light box. I'm happy with my new toy even if irritated that it took me three hours to complete its construction. The colors are amazingly true to life with even just the little point and shoot I used for these today. I figure later I'll pull out the big camera and play with it and the light box. But now, I guess perhaps I should walk the dogs and knit for a bit just to say I got some of it something done, even if I don't work on something already started. Someone has to use that stash, right?


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Bravo for the light box! :-) That apples for the trees looks good too! Great project! Getting your projects documented in picture form and in the right light is important and this aid you in that. :-)


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Thank you. I had to play again this morning and snapped some photos of this morning's spinning. It's just a mere fraction of the work I have to do but was fun to play.

From AKQGuy

I also took the big camera out to the river with the dogs this morning to have some beautiful sunshine shots.

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Nice light box! Your materials choices are way better. I've made some fabric backdrops, but keeping them wrinkle-free has been an issue. Sewing them on to a thicker backing fabric helps, but getting a roll of paper and cutting a fresh backdrop every now and again works really well. And a typical matte finish paper is a lot more predictable with lighting.

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I may have to do a shopping trip to find some paper rolls for such events. I also will be keeping my eye out for any cool textured items to lay on the bottom of the box to hold the items to be photographed.

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Do You have a flicker account where you share all these beautiful pictures? I love photography!


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No, I use Picasa for images that get posted to my blog that can be found at bloodspot.com. Most any picture that is over here has also been used over there.

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That kerchief is knitting up great, Q. Congrats on the light box, too. They come in handy and with the materials you used, it should last a long time.

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