My very first sock (and first post)

I used the tutorial here and tackled my first non-rectangular project, a sock.

I've finished the first one, and it turned out much better than I'd expected.

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And it appears that you've done a fantastic job of it. Hope to see more projects and posts from you.

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Isn't it the absolute best experience making a garment and the the same time? I celebrate the adventure whenever I can...and I celebrate your discovery of knitting beyond the rectangle. Welcome to our world! When you are ready...Tell Us More!

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Beautiful! There is nothing like wrapping yourself up in your own handmade goods! Except maybe sharing that experience with another! Your feet have to be happy! Very nice indeed!


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Keep up the good work

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That is a great starter sock. Looking forward to seeing how your kilt hose turn out. Welcome to the group.

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That looks cozy, and it's an impressive leap from rectangular projects. Welcome to the group!