Purple Brethren Socks.

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This is mixing my two favorite things, Galactica and CHocolate cigars, lol. If you have not tried the Brethren Pattern I encourage you to make it. It is by Millard one of our own. Well those are not capri pants, they are actually military pants I hadecided to show you my socks, lol.
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Here we go once more with another pair of socks, I love this pattern and there are going to be more socks in the near future. These are for me, I gave already a pair away ! Thanks for stopping by!

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Stunning Andy. I really do have to buy that pattern once I become more skilled at making socks. I always enjoy your color choices. They are all so vibrant and alive!

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Now, really, ihiker, you will never become more skilled unless you actually start knitting a pair right now! There is no excuse.... you just have to pick up those needles and get started! And you will finally realize there is nothing hard about knitting socks! But shhhh! don't tell anyone!

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Definitely stunning! Royal purple! Love them. I was on your blog and saw the beautiful green one also. Vibrant is right, and as I love vibrant colors, these are right down my alley. Wonderful cable pattern also! ;-)


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You SO rock. Those are exquisite. Masterfully crafted with your usual deft artistry. Bravo!

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Where do I buy this pattern? I'm dying to make them.

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Great looking socks, Andy. I like them even better than the green ones...mainly because they are purple.

You know...my birthday is in a few months. Should you decide those beauties aren't your style after all....well, I'd be glad to give them a new home. ;-P

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Replying to my own post...I was talking to Quinton and some other friends the other night and remembered that I have some vivid purple merino sock yarn in my stash. Looks like I can have a pair of socks similar to Andy"s after all. Yaaayyy!! [And I won't have to beg, borrow, or steal them.]

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Ha ha ha, is a great color. I did not think I was going to like them as much, but I do!

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They look wonderful of course! You mentioned them a bit earlier and it spurred me to get off my duff and finish my own dormant pair. Well...I have 3/4 of one done, but I have promised myself that I will not cast anything else on till I've finished them...we'll see..... :)


LUV them and the pattern too! I will try this on another pair. I love shocking colours. I wore my first pair of misty alpaca's with my birkenstocks to church the other sunday. Just for a shocker. They are a bright red. I love the pattern on this might try it in shocking pink (breast cancer) or another shocker.

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Andy, those are very cool socks.
I'm impressed with the photography, as well. You've chosen a really nice mood (and color scheme) to showcase your socks. Loving it!

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Thank You! I enjoy photographing and creating the mood for the picture!

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I love these socks. They look just as great in purple as they do in green. These inspired me to do a pair of cabled socks.

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I love this yarn for socks and this pattern in particular is beyond amazing. It s the first pattern that completely clicks with my way of thinking. I am hoping to make a pair each month.