First knitting project finished!!!!!

I finished my entrelac scarf!!!!! It turned out better than I thought I really like it now. I used Red Heart Soft yarn. The color is Waterscape. Some people were asking me if I watched any videos the answer is yes I did before I started these are the ones i watched it is a 2 part video:

Part 1:

Part 2:

This is the pattern I used:

I hope y'all like it.

Image icon scarf1.29 MB
Image icon scarf1.6 MB
Image icon scarf front1.65 MB
Image icon scarf back1.92 MB


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WELL DONE, Richard!!!
I'm impressed!
I took a class in Entrelac with Gwen this past spring...but haven't tried it yet...I've been wanting to do it for years...

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It looks fantastic, great job!

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You are the man! It's beautiful! I haven't tried entrelac yet, but I hope mine turns out at least half as well as yours!


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That scarf is great!! Now I have to try it!

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Well done, Richard!
Your scarf is quite an accomplishment for your first project. Well done! I really enjoy the look of entrelac. I want to make a double-sided scarf, so am considering doing it in the round. I haven't been brave enough to try that yet. I did make some balls/cubes using entrelac that turned out well. Nice color choice as well.


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That turned out very well, Richard. Congratulations on a great job well done.

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Nice, I would not have guessed that was you 1st

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Really nicely done and congratulations on your first project!


WOW really nicely done. !

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You know what this means, Richard, don't you?

If you can do an entrelac can do ANYTHING in knitting. Feel mighty proud!

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I don't know about all that!!! lol But I will try!

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There are only about two different stitches, and their variations. You just put them together in different ways. All knitting is just working one stitch at a time! You really CAN do anything.

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Can I ask where you got the pattern from?

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Wow! I'm majorly impressed and feel like a complete moron. I can't even do a afghan without messing it up. Well done sir!!

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That is a very impressive scarf. It sure doesn't look like a beginner's project to me!

Look great. Ive tried the entrelac thing, but cant get my head around it. Well done, very impressed!