Yesterday at lunch break I hit two of the yarn shops here in my city. I got some really nice koigu with bright orange. I've enough left of the alpaca to do the toes in the bright red. (see the attachments)
My last appointment of the day called in so I was able to break early. Weather here is great so opening the front door, prepairing my white tea and cosy up to my latest sock knitting was paradise for me.
Something relaxing about this simple art. As I look over the various blogs I realize how understated male knitters are. I see so much creativity here. So much out of the box work. Its very inspiring for me.
To join the ranks of the sock creators here have finished two more pair. The first was done from discount yarn. Although not quite a good quality for my tastes. However it makes a great romp around the house sock. Its the green variations. This is the one that has aloe in it. I spoke to one of the ladies at the yarn shop and she said it was the lotion. It washes out right after you block it.
The red one(not sure why the IPod can't pick up the detail here) is misty alpaca with nylon support. It was done on 1's and let me tell you it was a struggle. However it is one of my favorite ones and I love the color.
Thanks guys for all the inspiraton.

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A lady over at Knitting Paradise said, male knitters work tends to be more "constructed." I find myself planning each project. Each stitch, considered, how will it contribute to the finished project? Increases and decreases, any will work; but the right one in the right place makes homemade into handmade. Yeah, I enjoy the mental exercise (might be more than necessary). It occupies my mind during monotonous tasks at work (don't tell my boss). Inspiration, is the hard part for me. Glad I found this community, each day I seen a new project to try. Now the hard part is deciding which one next.

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Very nice socks. It's great to see another fellow brought over to the sock side. :-P

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great socks, especially the red ones. (My favorite color)


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Yeah, I've been told that male knitters tend to be more...cerebral about their knitting. "Constructed" is a good word for it. I put that I was a knitter on a grad school resume to connote a cultivation of spatial-reasoning skills. But you're right, knitting (especially for guys) is understated. The socks are terrific! Great color choices.