Socks Seem to be the Thing

Well it's a snowy day in May here in Minnesota. It's like mother nature is whispering, "Take it easy. Stay in. Knit." I don't really need the encouragement, as I rarely go out and about as it is... unless it is to the yarn shop, which I haven't ruled out as a possibility today.

Well, as I glance over the posts on the MWK homepage, I've noticed many of them are about knitting socks. For some, it is their first pair. Knitting socks must be contagious because I'm working on my first pair of socks as well. Actually, I did a pair of bedsocks a while back, but they weren't really genuine socks with a heell and all. I've been itching to do a real pair of socks for the longest time and am excited to finally get working on them.

I got the pattern free from Ravelry. They're called "Boyfriend Socks," as the designer had made them for her boyfriend.

As a friar, I, of course, have no significant other to speak of, but I think they'd make the perfect gift for anyone's other-half. I chose to do this pattern because they reminded me of the Brethren Socks CraftyAndy had made, and I really loved the way the cables intertwined. I also liked how the pattern was toe-up - a new and fun technique to learn and probably the only way I'll ever make socks from here on out.

Right now I'm knitting the heel-flap, so the trickiest part is already behind me. It is my second project using the Magic Loop, which has revolutionized the way I think about knitting. I wish I had pictures to show, but, alas, the camera isn't working.There'll be photos when I'm done.

I think the snow has turned into rain now.



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I agree, Ian, with your assessment and discernment on socks. My first sweater was bottom up. I was bored to tears...I felt like I was driving cross country from Upstate New York to Utah in my salad days...the movement from the bottom to the arms was interminable!

As from Pennsylvania to the end of Nebraska...all just milage on the way to Immigrant Pass. Toe-up socks, however, throws all the good stuff at you in a hurry...and the slide to the top is,,,well...just milage. Others may feel differently.

I just put out my 'mater plants...snow now is a foreign concept. I wish you well.

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I knit my socks toe up, and they go pretty fast, until I get to the ribbed cuff. Then I get bored. I knit a few rows, set it down, do something else, come back, knit a few rows, set it down, repeat ad infinitum. I've decided the best way to get over this final hurdle is to knit more stockinette, and a much shorter cuff.

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Have fun with your socks. Whether for yourself or as a gift, they are most fun to work on. I'm finishing up this latest pair but will cast on a new pair soon...providing something to relax with at work, on breaks.

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I looked at the socks on the link you gave. That has a wonderful pattern in the design.