I knit plain socks, like those pictured, when I am watching TV, listening to a book, or travelling. I love the fact that they are mindless and sometimes I have the heel turned and don't remember doing it. They are the form of relaxation that I turn to often. I made these six pairs since Christmas and most of them will be given away as birthday presents this month and next.

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Neat colors. Are they toe-up or top-down socks? From a novice's point of view, socks are anything but mindless. Hopefully, someday soon, I'll get to that point. I'm not sure why my mind resists the sock-knitting process so much. But, like anything else, once learned, it should be smooth sailing!

Thanks for sharing.


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The socks are cuff down - I have tried every method of knitting socks and this is my favourite method. I think people get used to knitting and purling back and forth and that is why it is difficult to get their heads around socks. The first thing I learned to knit was socks. After two or three pairs you will find them mindless.

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I agree...after a few pairs of socks, they become mindless. ...I automatically adjust for yarn thickness, cables, etc.
I make my socks top down, and very tall. I wear them with boots.
I start with more stitches because of the calf, then decrease as I get towards the ankle.

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Beautiful set of socks there! I've done one so far and they're "pink"! LOL There are very simple but also an old pattern I found on the net that's from the 1940's and they're knit "flat" (ugh, a seam). I originally began them with the intention of giving them to my mother in law, until I found that she doesn't like pink, she likes "blue". When I finished I then decided to keep them for myself and I wear them when I'm feeling cantankerous! LOL. I love knitting sweaters the most, but have a desire to knit more sock and preferable something more modern, beautiful and in the round like your own.


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Wow! Those are some cool looking socks!

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Nice socks Ron, I especially like the colour combo in the first sock.

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Great looking socks, Ron. I see you also add a strip of garter stitch at the edge of the heel flap...didn't we discuss that once in some messages? Anyhow, Congrats.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Yes, we did, Joe. Knitting legends.....

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Thanks for letting me know I remebered correctly...I sometimes think I had the discussion when I actually just considered it.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.