Medici by Woolly Wormhead

MediciHat (1)
One of my first knitted hats was by Woolly Wormheads and they were in the flat. This one is not.
MediciHat (13)
Here are different views with my cool Kilt socks on.
MediciHat (4)

The hat calls for Worsted Weight Wollemeise, no such thin today. I went ahead and substituted with two strands of dk weight. I did a swatch and decided to go with the smaller of the hat sizes and with US 6 needles instead of US 7. I think it came out nice. Thanks for stopping by. Oh you can find the pattern on Ravelry under Medici.


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Andy...that hat is stunning! It really is. I enjoy seeing the intricacy of your work. It is so inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing such beautiful work.

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Quite nice and a great pair up with the Kilt socks.

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New York Built's picture look like a pillar of the Florenzan community! Andrea Magnifico, Rennaisance Man. I know, I know...underneath the kilt and hand knitwear, you are the basic and wholesome Vitruvean Man. But the Celtic/Pict/Etruscan thing you've got going is outstanding.

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Thanks for your kind words Mark. The hat gave me a sense of Florenze and the Renaissance, I made the hat from the same wool as the socks. I enjoy being kilted man.

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Handsome, too.

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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Wow that is awesome! I would like to see how the top looks


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If I get the opportunity sometime in the next few days I will take a picture from the top for you. Right now is getting blocked and drying.

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Here is the picture you wanted

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GREAT, Andy!
...just wish you weren't afraid of colour...

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Never afraid of a hint of colour!

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Such great hat design and such beautiful work. I'm always stopping by your site, looking at and loving so many of your items. :-)


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Orange! Orange Irish? A favorite colour from me Da's side o' the family.

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Oh, and it goes without saying (although it should always be said), that's some fancy looking knitting!

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I'm obsessed with Woolly Wormhead. Nice work!