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I just had the most day-shattering experience. The final height of the Freedom Tower was installed today...making a visible void in the New York City skyline...filled.

Many of you know I have worked on the Village Halloween Parade over the past fifteen years...a labor of love, professional management and shock of the new...on an annual basis.

The decision to proceed with the Parade after the bombings was many conflicting emotions and images. Looking down Sixth Avenue and seeing now thankfully, gone.

We were applauded for making the event happen that year. A sense of normalcy in an atmosphere filled with tension and depression. My industry was all but destroyed. What was once considered a community building, business friendly and celebratory activity...crowds enjoying the city...was transformed overnight...into a security risk.

But not the Parade. The sight of the Tower today reminded me of what once was...what we are now...and what we will become. Not having the Parade, last year during Hurricane Sandy, and the aftermath, left a cold void.

Celebrate what you all can disapear in an instant. I see my life, knitting, leather work, garment creation and my online comrades here at Men Who Knit, as my reach for all that's good. Thanks for being here.


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New York wrote: "Celebrate what you all can disapear in an instant."

So true. So very true.
Now you are going to make me cry. What cha gotta go and do that for, NY? I don't want my heartstrings plucked, even if your sentiments are beautiful. That just turns on the waterworks.
Hugs to you, big guy.

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That was a very nice post Thank You!

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Life is very precious indeed. Live in the present which is all you really have. Appreciation for the things that give you pleasure, happiness and allows you to share yourself with others, living without regrets and doing the best you can. Love to you always.

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Thank YOU for being here NYBuilt, your posts are enjoyable and sometimes thought provoking...

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Great post, Mark. Appreciate it greatly...and you, too.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.


It must have been very difficult for you during this period. I can't even begin to understand the depth of what happened.
I try very hard to live in the moment, I at times get caught in the past. Maybe its my interest in genealogy or something that makes me want to hang on to it.
However even in my hobby of genealogy I realize life goes on. And so do I. I am as much as part of the future as those who have gone before.
Your ability to go ahead with the parade not only sends the message we are strong and continue, but your also saying I am part, link of the issue and want to see life continue for alls its misery and demands.
Keep up with the idea my friend this is what makes the world go around.