Brioche stitch

All the examples I see of brioche seem like di weight or heavier. Has anyone ever used finger or lace weight so its airier


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You mean like this Leafy Lacey Brioche Keyhole Scarf ?

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i really like this one

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The Baronness of Brioche Nancy Marchant cites in her book "Knitting Brioche" that since brioche is a relative newcomer to knitting, there are very few rules. However, I also agree with her that brioche works best on loose fitting garments or objects that require ease. Also, her advice is to use 100 percebt non-superwash wool, with no indication that lace-weight or other fine wools cannot be used. The issue here is that the loose structure of the fabric tends to stretch easily out of shape...hense stickyness is an asset. Linen or silk would probably just be a hot mess.

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Hey, Steve! Here's another example of brioche using lace weight:, also from Nancy Marchant.

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nice. i must get her book now

we put birds on things

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I feel the whole point of Brioche is that it gathers up into such a very cooshy fabric that doing it in a lacier weight kind of goes against that stitch's tendency. Of course if you are dropping needle sizes accordingly you would still end up with a cooshy fabric but wow oh wow would that be a lot of knitting without a lot of finished product. But, it's your knitting in the end, so if that's where your interest lays, have at it and let us know how it turns out.

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You are free to use any yarn and any needle size YOU want. Don't feel restricted by what someone else says or does. After all, that is how we "unvent" things. But the final test is -- do it and find out. Then you will know for sure. (remember to share with us, for that is how we expand our knowledge base)

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I like this approach!

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I love the look of the lacy brioche in the links ppl posted.

My only added opinion is that I wouldn't particularly go for 2 color brioche knitting in lace weight, simply because I typically don't go for very skinny stripes. Then again, it's all about preference, and it's worth a try.