Question about Needles and storage...

Hope you guys are doing awesome and there are some awesome things going on. My question is odd, but how many needles, or sets of needles do you have? How do you store them?

The reason I ask is that I now have about 150 sets of needles...NO, not separate needles, sets...1-10.5.

Thanks for any inspiration anyone can offer.



You are a whole new "hoarder" show !! :)

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I have no idea but I have them all thrown in a plastic rubbermade drawer set along with the majority of my yarn stash (we're not going to discuss the remaining part of the unspun fiber stash). If I had to guess; including all my interchangeables' and what not I have close to 100 sets. I keep my DPN's all together in plastic pencil holders that I bought at awl-mart during the back to school sale.

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Check out Home Depot's selection of handmade clay pots....much less expensive that similar containers at knitting and craft stores. Plug the drainage hole and you can toss your needles in there. It's simple, works, and makes selecting them simple. Not so good for circular though.

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I use a couple of canvas totes for part of my needles - if in sleeves, etc. - and decorative glass vases for the rest.

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This begs the question, "What is the average number of needles does a knitter usually have?"

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Joshuah's truthfullness and candor exposes us all...probably many more than what we want others to know. Funny..."How many screw drivers yah got in there, Buddy?" would not flicker an eyebrow.

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hmm, very interesting question, how many needles do I have. Well whatever it is, its not enough.

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My straight needles sit in a jar, mostly decoration now. My circulars and double points get used most.
Circulars: most sizes from 2-15 (mostly Boyle 29" - found 3pack deals art Tuesday Mornings)
DPNs:1's 2's 3's 6's 8's (mostly home made bamboo)