OT: not much knitting, too much yard work

Arbor Day came and went. I did not get to plant a tree this year, sad. I did thin down my perennial herb bed, sharing culinary herbs with neighbors was almost as rewarding. I mean who does not enjoy fresh oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, mint, and lemon balm. Today I'm digging up pecan saplings (got lazy and quit picking them up, now some have sprouted) Monday will take them to work, several people offered to take and plant them. I guess it counts, trees get planted, happy.

Quinton's "startitus update" showed a Clematis ready to bloom. Here in Mississippi they are already blooming. (see pic) The Jasmine behind it is smells wonderful.

Well it is time to go harvest Dew Berries (blackberries on a ground vine not a bush) I gathered over 5 gallons last year. My fingers were purple for 3 weeks. I might have to try using the berries for an organic dye. The Mulberry tree my neighbor cut down last year would have worked better, but the fruit is so good (imagine a cross between blueberry and blackberry flavor). Time to research wine making, another "old world" skill I want to learn. The muscadine vines will be ready for harvest in a couple of months. I think I'll skip the strawberry bed this year. The blueberry bushes should be producing this year, they are 3 years old and established now. Ah fruit... nature's candy.

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Well-vinted Muscadine (badly savaged as Muscatel in skits and popular culture) is a delight...tis, true, it goes long in the tooth quickly...but first draw is amazing.

Non-sweet wines from other than grapes is a fading art...please, keep the faith and report back often!

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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Please do let us know how that wine making goes. Some day I hope to have grapes off my vine in the back yard.

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I will