Heliotaxis Pi Shawl

Well guys, I've finished my heliotaxis pi shawl. I'm going to give you a teaser picture here but if you'd like to see the whole process, go check it out at my blog!


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I think your father pretty much said it all!
...let us know if it makes the evening news or front page of your local paper...

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Beautiful work, Perfect color choice

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Wow! Datsa bee-utiful!

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Simply stunning!

I just looked at the pattern and if you aren't cross-eyed after making this, I would be amazed.



Amazing. How do you keep track of the pattern? I mean you have to put it down to sleep and go to work. Do you simply mark it on a chart then pick up ?

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Exactly. The entire thing was charted, thank The Lord, so I would just make a mark after I finished each row. I also put markers in between each repeat of the chart so I knew where the chart was supposed to start and stop.

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Beautiful, beautiful work and you should be proud and you should show off and I love how sweet your father's word are.


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Absolutely fantastic. The Pi Shawl is one of my favorite knitting projects and you've made a stunning use of it. It puts some of my ambitious designs with it out of the running. Congratulations.

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