Scarf pattern...any ideas?

Dear knitting friends,

I'm back from my travels with some lovely Adriafil Lama .... A nice chunky and super soft wool. I'm planning a scarf for my other's dark charcoal and knits on 7mm needles (US 7) My other half wears grey mostly and is a snazzy but understated dresser (I'm the one more likely to wear a floral blouse/shirt) Does anybody have any good scarf patterns so it won't be too dull to knit. I have Jared Flood's pavement design but I'm not sure about it in a chunkier wool. I'd like it to look the same on both sides.

I also went to my very lovely small independent garden shop this morning and came back with some wool compost for my tomatoes....I know there are some keen gardener's on here too so I'll let you know how I get on with it. I'm posting a photo


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There are several herringbone pattern scarves Ive been wanting to try...some are on #6 or #7 needles...

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"100% Natural and British" (from wool compost label)
I would have thought wool would be a mulch not a compost.
Please keep us informed of you progress

Saw this pattern:

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I'm sure it's a typo, but 7mm is a US 10 3/4 needle. Maybe Entrelac, though it wouldn't be reversible. I would suggest a ribbed scarf with a couple of cable thrown in. Or search "reversible cable scarf" on ravelry. Otherwise you could do a triangle short row scarf:

Or fisherman's rib would look really good in bulky. Basically, cast on an even number, then K1, P1 first row, then every following row do Knit 1 in the row below, P1 across.


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I love my cooshy cabled brioche scarf I knit myself this last winter. It might work well with that yarn.
From AKQGuy
You can find the pattern here:

Being brioche it's reversible and piled up on itself into a wonderfully warm and fluffy fabric.

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This is really beautiful.

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some day in the future, someone will find the wool strands and think they found an ancient burial ground.
Aren't all scarves dull by nature? It's not necessarily a bad thing.

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When I was in London a few years ago, I bought a great knitting book in a used book store. It's titled Men's Knits, a new direction. There is a wonderful scarf pattern in there that uses a chunky or super chunky book. Check out the book and pattern. I hope it helps.

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I am creating my own scarf right now, and I think it's pretty wonderful. Hand-dyed silk. Many colors. All going vertically rather than horizontally. I'll post it when I'm done.