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My nephew has been begging me for years now to make him an afghan. Well, I had other projects I had started and needed to finish before starting anything else. I was finally able to start on his afghan in March and this is the final product. I'm going to make him suffer a while longer and give it to him in August as a birthday present. One nephew down and two nieces and two nephews to go.

It's just a simple double crochet with eight rows of color A, three rows of color B, two rows of color A and three rows of color B and repeat.

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Nehkhasi's picture

Beautiful! He's going to LOVE it! :-)


clneeley's picture

He seems to like it. I've been working on it in front of him but he thinks it's a charity project. He'll be surprised when he opens it up on his birthday.

CLABBERS's picture

That is amazing work...all from one hook! Wow. I like the color choices and the difference in stripe sizes. It adds a new depth to striping and makes it more interesting than the same number of rows for each color. Well done!


clneeley's picture

Thanks, Mark! I thought the different stripes would break of up the monotony of the striping if they were symmetrical.


Kerry's picture

Smart looking afghan.


I love the striping it really great

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Very nice work. Congrats and I think it great you are going to surprise him with it.

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