Colour by Crafty Andy

Handdyejune2013 (3)
Whenever I can't find the colors I want I dare to overdye. The yarn below is the same yarn as the yellow socks.
Handdyejune2013 (3)
Here is the colorway of the day. I used the color until there was no color left. I created red-orange through browns. These colors are more environmentally greener and use citric acid to help the yarn grab the color.Thanks for stopping by!
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Beautiful results!

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You always have the most stunning rich in character!

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Thanks to all, I think the only thing that I did different this time is I used citric acid, and that seems to bring out the brightness of the colors a lot more .

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I would enjoy making a sweater out of the tweed yarn on the right. It looks very supple and very handsome!

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Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I like the earth tones, getting closer to my palate.

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Great looking colours Andy. What dye do you use and does the citric acid go in with the dye?

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I used something called greener shades and I got it from Knit Picks. I overdyed some of the yarns. The citric acid is part of the kit. You add about a tablespoon of citric acid to the dye pot.