Knitting in High Humidity

Any advice for knitting in high humidity? Yarn recommendations? cheap acrylic gets unmanageable (*hears Bill snickering in the background).

Currently it is 88F and 53% humidity here @6PM. Locally we average between 53% and 60% over the year. At times it can be 80 or 90% for days on end. Usually I set my sticks aside (and hope to) resume in the late fall. I hate to let projects rest for so long, it gets hard to regain the lost momentum and excitement sometimes.

I am leaning toward cotton or a cotton blend. I deal with less than 3 weeks (cumulative) below freezing, each year. Don't get jealous yet, 40F @80% humidity is cold. Just stick you hand in 40F water and see. I base number of clothing layers on how long I will be outside. (1 for 1st hour , and 1 for each 1/2 hour there after)

Thanks for any advice or insight


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A linen or bamboo would be lovely cool and light to the fingers.

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thanks, will look for these

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40F is cold?? Sheesh! The next time it is -40 here, I'll let you know! You can come visit.

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-40, no thanks, I seem to remember flesh freezes at 20 below.
I dealt with -19 wind chill when I visited Penn State back in the 90's. Leave no skin exposed. It was a dry cold. Wind burn was no fun.

When the Wind-chill drops below the Dew point, a soaking breeze blows.
40F cold? it is in wet cloths.