Kelp Grove

I really loved the pics that AKQGuy posted of his design, so it inspired me to try lace knitting for the first time. I downloaded the Kelp Grove pattern from his blog.
My mother-in-law-if-we-were-allowed-to-get-married said she is sensitive to wool so I picked up some Drops Lin 100% linen yarn at the Nordic Mart in San Luis Obispo, California (love that place!) I posted some progress photos so you can see the interesting texture of the yarn. It wasn't the easiest to work with, and the scarf looked like a knotted mess as I was knitting it. But the piece was transformed by blocking and I'm quite proud of it.
The final product was photographed at the amazing Sundial Bridge in Redding, California (a Calatrava design), spanning the Sacramento River.
When I gave mom-in-law the scarf she tried hard to seem excited but I could tell she was having trouble envisioning it around her neck. *sigh* oh well. I wish there were an acceptable way to say 'let me give it to someone who will love it.. I'll knit you something else'.

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Many people are dubious about lace pieces until they actually wear them -

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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i may have to pay the family to encourage her to wear it

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Allan: - A beautiful piece of work and craftsmanship! The color is perfect. I recall that when Quinton introduced this pattern he designed to the world I downloaded it immediately. However, I haven't had the guts to give it a try. I also know where you are comming from regarding the slightly dazzed look one gets when presenting a gift of one's hard work to someone. As a newbie to knitting I have given my feeble attempts at knitting scarves to friends as Chrsitmas gifts. I have yet to see them in public; scarves that it. Quinton has some very wise advice for all of us in his last blog entry here on MWK. We all need to remember why we take those needles in hand and try to make something out of that strange looking ball of yarn sitting next to us. Once again, good work!

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Thanks, kindly. I read Quinton's post and agree that it's well put. Often I make items with no person in mind. Whoever is the first to admire it gets it. I want praise, dammit!

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You made a wonderful piece of lace craftsmanship there! Thank you for your kind words regarding the pattern guys but you have done all the hard work there. I hope it becomes a favorite piece of hers to wear once she gets over the shock of having such an intricate item made for her.

And John, I hope Allan can attest (fingers crossed) that this pattern is much simpler than it appears. It even becomes memorizable after several inches! Good luck should you decide to dig into it.

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If I'd run into you while knitting the first foot, I might have slapped you... but yes I did memorize it eventually, and I got the hang of what was going on in the pattern. Definitely did pique my interest to do more lace projects, and now I'm fearless!
Thanks a bunch, Quinton

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Nicely done, Allan. I marvel at lace and how delicate it is and how carefully it must be knitted. She will hopefully wear it as a beautiful accessory and show it off to her friends. They will Oooo and Ahhhh knowing that it was handmade.


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Thanks Mark. If she only knew the hours I spent. ;-)

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That is beautiful! Yes, lace is very easy to do and this pattern is not complicated at all. We want everyone to believe it required all of our concentration to execute, but that is so not every Tom, Dick and Harry starts knitting lace! LOL John, please give it a try -- you may like it! (I find it rather boring to do, but good movie knitting)

Alan, linen is not the easiest fibre to work with. But after washing, it does change dramatically! In fact, the more it is washed, the more it softens and relaxes and you will find it becomes more loved. You may want to give this one a few more washes, if you can get it from her, and wash any other pieces you do several times to soften it up more.

Linen is a lovely fibre, but it is not wool! It doesn't have that same stretch we expect, but linen is very strong and will wear forever. It won't pill, or get stretched out of shape. I may not hold the colour well in the long run.

A better choice may have been silk, which just lays there and has great drape and shine. Sometimes alpaca will work for her, or angora (but it sheds so much), or bamboo or other synthetics. I have a lot of trouble believing people can be allergic to wool, but that is neither here nor there. I wonder what she would like to wear as to colour, or pattern, or item. Maybe give her some time to play with it and learn how great she looks in it! I have the same trouble trying to get my mother to wear scarves or shawls; she just hasn't worn them before, and doesn't know what to do with them. It is up to us to teach them!

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Thanks, Tallman. I was reluctant to do more than a soak because I thought the nice sheen might come off with too much agitation. I'll pass your advice on. I have some more of this yarn in a neutral color, and have no idea what to do with it.
As I was knitting it, it occurred to me that she might not be into accessories like this. I tried to teach my own mother how to wear the mohair shawl I knitted for her, but she only wears it granny style on the shoulders. I'm hoping mom-in-law will learn to love it -- but yeah, silk or rayon of some sort might have been a better choice.

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Gorgeous knitting. I also hope that she comes to appreciate it and wears it. Congrats on a great piece of work.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thank you, Joe!

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You are most welcome.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.


i love knitting lace. and the colour is GREAT! i understand that linen will get only softer with age and is very stable good gift

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Thanks, David.. sorry didn't see your post.

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Beautiful work. Pattern, colour, and material all add up to a stunning masterpiece. I love your photography.

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Belated thanks Ron.. :-)

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Simply beautiful!
I really like the color. Hope she enjoys it. I'll have to give knitting lace a try one day