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I am doing my first tubular cast-on for Jared Flood's Eternity Cardigan. Aptly named since that is about how long this will take me to knit. I cast on 165 stitches which then doubled to 329. At my rate of speed I'll be knitting two rows a day. Increases were done by picking up the bars between stitches -- a method that always ends up with very tight stitches when I do it. Then I dropped a stitch on row three, had trouble figuring out how to fix it but didn't have the heart to start over -- already! This doesn't bode well. I'm doing it in Drops Alpaca.
Project two, meanwhile, sits dormant. It's a tote bag constructed from a bunch of knit hexagons (a Garn Studios free pattern that was slightly tweaked to add a button flap.) Yarn is Drops Delight. The hexagons were knit flat in the round on size 2 double pointed needles, and I'm a little amazed that I actually managed to make something out of those toothpicks -- they were SOOOO fiddly. I need to sew in a million loose ends now and block all the hexagons to uniform size before I try to link them all up with a crochet chain stitch. I'll definitely have to post pictures of this mess.
Happy knitting?


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Well Tinker Jones, doesn't sound like fun. The lifted bar increase always seems tight. I know Elizabeth Zimmerman didn't like it preferring just a backward loop as it's independent of other stitches. Why don't you try a few other increase ways and see what suits you on a small swatch and then start again? Perhaps Jared has a very loose lifted bar..........

Courage mon ami

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I wouldn't like being told I have a very loose lifted bar.. but that's just me.

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Ahhhh... Finishing work. Nothing like it to make me drop a project in a bag and forgetting about it.

Good Luck with that cardigan. I agree that you should try some different increases. That shawl I just finished called for a decrease I didn't care for and did another way to suit what I was going for. Have at it!

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I'm pretty hesitant to mess with a Jared Flood pattern -- maybe it's the price. I got through the increase row and had the right number of stitches on the needles, so I decided the fates are smiling - why mess with it.
I think that's the last of the increases until I do the arms.
As you may know, the cardigan is basically a rectangle with arms -- sounds like a Snuggie, actually. Oh jeez I'm knitting a Snuggie!
Thanks for the encouragement

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You can knit the pattern again, and not pay again. Play! HAve fun and make it suit your needs. I bet JAred wouldn't even care. He's never mentioned what I do to his patterns...

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I have alerted Homeland Security's Well-Knit Division's Pattern Deviants will be caught and punished!

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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I have found a few increase methods I like but rely heavily on three sites that I really like. I am a visual learner, so video sites always give me a good warm feeling when it comes to trying to wrap my head around things. I agree with Davis and Quinton...try new ones that make you happy. There are bunches!

I have been using the methods found on Knit Freedom. Her name is Liat and she is a very good teacher and has videos that are some of the best I have found.

Another site is Staci is also a phenomenal teacher and her videos are also excellent.

One This site was started and is maintained largely by men, which is what first drew me to the site. Johnny Vasquez is the founder of the site and he is also amazingly good. His wife is a guest instructor online from time to time as well.

Here's more about Johnny Vasquez that you might find interesting.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the links. I'm mostly self-taught and resort to YouTube when I'm in a jam. It's amazing the crappy knitting vids that some people post. I like VeryPink and I'll check out the others.

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I looked up the pattern on revelry and one knitter had reunited the shoulders with some decreases to keep the cardigan on....just so you know!!!!!

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Sounds like a lot and like you'll be busy for quite some time. Good Luck and ENJOY!


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TinkerJones, a Snuggie? Really?

*big grin* Will we see a picture of your Snuggie when you finish it?

*runs away giggling*