Lace instruction book(s)

I need your help. Annie's website sent an email out with three books about knitting lace all claiming to be "easy." One looked like it might be for beginners, but I am skeptical. So, can any of you recommend a title that is easy for us beginners. I hope to give some prayer shawls as Christmas presents and need to start now if I expect them to be under the tree by the 25th of December.


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One of our members has a terrific collection of free prayer shawl patterns on his Ravelry site. His work is really outstanding. You may want to check him out.


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As someone that has done a lot of lace over many years, I will tell you that lace is very simple to do. Simple. It is much simpler than anything else, I think. It really is rather boring, and tedious, and mindless. You don't need to know much about knitting.

It really doesn't matter which book you get. Are you talking bout a pattern? Some might take more attention with too much instructions, but you just have to work your way through it. All knitting is done one stitch at a time!

If you want to do lace, just go and do it!! Nothing more to it. There are lots of free patterns all over the place.

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Eunny has an online tutorial that gives you almost everything you need to knit lace (except the needles and yarn)

Majoring in lace

click the link.

come to the dark side of knitting.

really - Lace LOOKS a lot harder then it is.

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I hope you enjoy lacework, John. As MMario said, it really is pretty simple but you have to keep track of where you are at. I recommend lifelines run through your stitches once in a while to help keep it all in place if you have to rip back. Also, I am a big fan of charted patterns as it gives you a visual reference to what you are knitting. [Same thought if there are really good photos to show what it looks like.]

I really enjoy lacework and should start doing it more often. However, socks seem to rule my life.

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Do you ever get over to Phoenix area? We have a Wednesday Evening Men's Knitting group. Two of the guys have experience knitting lace.

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