Carbon dps

I just purchased a set of carbon dps. made by buckthorne. I was a bit bit skeptical at first i have become to love my bamboo. but now knitting socks at a pair every two weeks has taken a toll on my needles. Working with rosewood helped but still on 0 i find a "bend" (on the bamboo i guess i hold on pretty tight and they snap like twigs" so decided to try ebony. but trying to find ebony in this city is next to impossible. So my favorite yarn shop had a set and i bought them in 0. so far so good. they are light like wood and have a matt finish so i won't drop the stitches. I had a pair of vintage dps of my mother's only issue i had was the stitches kept sliding and i would sometimes loose a whole row.
hope this weekend between gardening and the heat to start on circular needles to make a pair of socks. Presently I am working on a pair of dress socks for work in superfine merino. they are the ones i am using the carbon dps on. they are black and pretty boring. but most stuff for work is. but if you haven't given carbon a try ( know they are expensive) give it a go.


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Glad to hear that you like them. I've wanted to try a set. Another option is Karbonz:

Handsome Fibers doesn't charge shipping and they ship quickly.