Hosta scarf

Finished my scarf on trip to Germany and Austria. Here it hangs in my hosts house

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Just beautiful.


LOVE IT. Stylish too on the torch. LOL

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Those colors are so dramatic together. Very striking! Your host has good taste in art as well. Of course, your scarf truly enhances the statuette.


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Nicely done. Very interesting pattern and great color combination.

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Very nice. Makes me think of a broad leafed palm grove. It's good to be reminded of warmth on a blustery winter day.

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Gorgeous. And the art work is quite interesting too.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great scarf. What's the pattern and is it reversible?

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thanks for the compliments.

it's called hosta and i think it's by nancy marchant. it is done in brioche, so it is reversible

we put birds on things

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That is AWESOME! The color, the design, the length! YES!


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Especially nice because she was cold before hand. Now she is chic and warm.