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I am making this sweater, I think already have the answer to my question, but I'll ask you guys just to be sure.
My directions I am following are obviously for an experienced knitter and as this is my first real knitting project so I got lost a few times. I finally finished the body and I am now up to the arms...which the directions convieniently say, "knit untill you reach the desired legnth." So, unless someone invents a device where I can reach inside the mothers womb then I have a bit of a problem. What is a correct proportion, if such a proportion exists, for an arm length in relation to the body?



The average inside arm - and that's the measurement you want - is about 18/19 inches.

Best way of checking yours is to measure an old favourite sweater, or similar but you may need to take into account how baggy the sweater you're measuring is since the baggier it is makes for shorter arms, and whether or not you like the cuff placed on the wrist or a bit lower down.

I usually tuck the unfinished arm (still on the needles) under my arm and if the length seems fine just knit a few rows more - remember the old tailor's excuse for sleeves too long "they'll ride up with wear, Sir". They probably will.

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I don't think Simon realized that this sweater is for an infant - it *is*, isn't it?

Anyway, here is my favorite sweater recipe for newborns which may help. Please go to:

Also has recipes for hat and booties. However:

You need sleeve help: Look at this pattern and go to the first sleeve mentioned. If you are using worsted weight and 10 1/2 needles, it calls for 21 rows. So you can use that as a benchmark and adjust for whatever yarn and weapons you're using.

HOWEVER: You have no idea how big the kid's going to be. Since he/she won't be wearing anything like that for a bit why not wait on the sleeves until you can get a handle on size from 'Mom'? I mean, how long can two teeny weeny sleaves take you to whip out?

The pattern I've listed has several sizes for the baby depending on the tonnage at birth.

Sure hope this helps!

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Try this link:
You'll find standard sizing measurements for babies to adults.
(per the chart, your sleeve should be about 6 inches)

Whoops - I didn't! They have big babies where I come from!!!

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I use a home made formula: the upper arm should be a few cm fewer (?) than the front piece depending on what needle you use. 50 cm wide upper arm can also be a good propotion. 50-52 cm long is a standard that I use, 49-50 cm for raglan.