Fiber Factor

Is anyone else besides me following Fiber Factor?


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??? Who/what is Fiber Factor?

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I just googled Fiber Factor and when the google results came up it said, "Will you swatch or will you watch?"

When I first started to knit, it seemed that every other word that I heard was "swatch". Swatch this and swatch that. And as I was in that first rush of learning to knit I couldn't really give my full attention to it but there was a feeling in the back of my mind that I'd heard this word before. And so finally I googled "swatch" and of course I found out that swatches come from Switzerland. So my answer to the Fiber Factor is that a swatch IS a watch!

One of these days I'm going to double-knit a swatch logo (white cross on a red field) in sock yarn and then attach it to a watch band and wear it. And then when people ask what it is, I'm going to say, "Oh, it's just a swatch I made."

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Tom this is the Fiber Factor:


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Hi Cindy, This is The Fiber Factor :

I have to apologize and please forgive me, but I am not going to purchase a yarn bowl. I hope that I haven't caused an imposition.