Mobius Scarf

Hope that someone remembers this and I'm not crazy. A few months ago someone posted a video of an "unvention" for a mobius like scarf. It was knit as a circular cowl with a row of button holes on one long edge and buttons on the other. Depending on the way that the buttons/holes were aligned, it caused more or less twist on the cowl, eventually turning it into a mobius or a double mobius. If anyone knows where this video is I'd really appreciate it.


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It's called Metamorph by Jeny Staiman. She's a brilliant mathematical knitter; always up for a challenge to adapt "impossible" things to knitting. You can find the free pattern on Raverly.

Here is Jeny Staiman's video. Explains it all: (jump to the 2:00 mark)

The explanation of how and why it works is on her website:

Have fun!


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Wow, Mark. I'm impressed.

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Don't be impressed. I just like to solve problems with Internet searches. Sometimes I find more interesting things along the way, such as the URLs to the video and the web site about the Möbius strip, as well as a bit of information about it's discoverer, Dr. August Ferdinand Möbius. Retaining the knowledge that I bump into...fleeting at best.