2 Sweaters Gone!

Happy 4th All,

My older son and his family & my youngest son both came home to spend 5 days with us while we are on vacation. It was great having a full house and entertaining family and friends. But now everyone is gone and so are the last two sweaters I knitted for myself. Weinstein's Henley Raglan and Kirrmaier's Raglan each went to my sons. We are all a men's medium and each asked if they could have one. I did not even get to get pictures of them before the left. I am thankful that each appreciate and ask me for things I knit and they wear them proudly. When asked if their mother knitted them for them they they love to see the reaction when they say no my father did. Anyway I am now down two sweaters that I planned to have for the fall so I better get busy. I already have another Kirrmaier on the needles.

Be safe today and have a great time. I plan on chill'n in the pool after my yard work is complete. Just returned from a six mile hike. The day is off to a good start.



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JRob, that gives you an excuse to knit two more. It's wonderful that your son's like them so much they wanted to own them!!!
...you can't find better appreciation than that.

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I agree with Bill, my family doesn't appreciate hand knitted, they would rather have Wal Mart....

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Wonderful Story! :-)


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Congratulations. That is the very best praise.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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The best compliment in the world is when the kids want something handmade from their parent. Very cool kids you have, JRob.

Thunderhorse, I think people need to be educated on why hand knitted items are so much better than Wal Mart.

We all have only a limited number of hours in our life to live. Some people prefer to trade their hours of labor for disposable, throwaway stuff. There are plenty of other people, however, who give high value to the hours one spends making a handmade item filled with love and care. If you want to adopt me, I'll gladly mooch, er, value, yeah, value and compliment your beautiful hand knitted items.

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Nice story. Was the Kirrmaier her Simple Summer Tweed? It's one I've favourited for myself.

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Yes it was. I 'll post some pick of the one I am knitting now when I get a little farther along. JRob