Odinn by Ragga Eiríksdóttir

Odinn Sweater (11)
This was a fun project that took less than expected. The pattern is Odinn and the designer is Ragga Eiríksdóttir . It is a very quick project and fun to make. I started it on June 22 and today on 4th of July it is done. Happy 4th everyone.
Odinn Sweater (12)
You can tell I like playing with the camera, but I had a photographer friend help me with the shots.
Odinn Sweater (15)
It was a great day for pictures. Thanks for stopping by!
Odinn Sweater (20)


Bill's picture

..but today was a very warm day for that sweater, Andy. You really "suffered for your Art" !!!

Crafty Andy's picture

One must do what one must do. Well is not made of 100 % wool and is definitely not Red Heart lol. It is made of Plymouth Encore and for our kind of weather , it will be perfect. I will be will be working on a Cardigan made with 100 % lopi, but it is a cardigan and I can live with that.

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Wonderfully detailed! I'm impressed that it took you such a short time to execute. Is it made with bulky yarn?
Your work is always inspiring to me.


Crafty Andy's picture

Thank you. It's a bulky yarn, chunky actually.

Thunderhorse54's picture

Is there no end to your talent? I'm still fawning over the Brethren Socks, wondering if I dare try, and now this. Sigh!!

Crafty Andy's picture

It all comes in time and with experience. The biggest Challenge for this project was the colorwork, making sure it does not bunch up. Another challenge was using a wool /acrylic blend , instead of the wool it calls for. I thank you for the compliment and encourage you to continue in your journey of fun.

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You did it AGAIN! and You look marvelous in it with your kilt! :-)


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Very nice, Andy. I sort of like Encore as it has good stitch definition and comes in a vast array of colors.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Kerry's picture

Beautiful sweater Andy.

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I love that photo of you with your food perched on the chair. It's very MFKR!! :D