And He's Still At It

From AKQGuy
We are officially a week in to the Tour de Fleece 2013. You may remember that I was working on this lovely pink Corriedale roving.

So pretty... *herk, gasp, herk*

Then I was throwing some beads into it on one of the plying steps.

And then plying it again with a third single that wrapped the first two core singles in hopes that it would trap those beads further into the yarn and keep them integrated into the body of the yarn unlike that dreadful earlier attempt.

Remember that? Ugh, I wish I didn't. You can see in the above picture the beads popping out of the yarn on their nylon leader and just hanging out, not really part of the yarn at all.

And then after all those steps, I gave the final yarn a good shocking cold water plunge after washing it in warm water to full it a bit and really fluff it up a smidge and hold those beads in. I normally thwack my yarn good, but I couldn't imagine thwacking and glass seed beads mixing well.

And I have to say, it worked. As you can see, those beads are part of the yarn itself. My only regret; and it's a small one based on the time suck this was already, that there are not more beads present. I wanted some that sparkled with the color elegantly like a night sky, but I feel this is more of the night sky within the confines of a large city. The city lights block all but the brightest. Granted, I didn't want the sky from the desolate dark desert where you can see the band of the milky way, that would have been overkill, but scattering of the night sky from the dimly lit suburbs would have been nice. Oh well, another lesson for another day.

In the end I have a perfectly usable 500 yards of 3 ply crepe dk weight yarn. Hope the person it is a gift for loves it. Don't worry fellas, it will be coming to the retreat before going to live at her house. And yes, she LOVES pink. Somebody has to.

Now, let me share some news about my kids. It's been a weekend of furred rascals, eye injuries, and trips to the vet. But alas, do not worry over much for $90.00 later we are assured Sullivan just scratched his eye as I thought and will indeed keep it even if I have to wrestle him to the ground to get drops in. Actually, he does quite well letting me put drops in, the vet on the other hand, she's scary. The day he did the damage to his eye (the 4th, on a holiday of course) I actually got the grass seed in question out when flushing his eye. The swelling was down a bit by the next morning but I'm not one to mess with eyes, and we went to the vet anyway just to make sure.

I swear they know when I try to get a picture of them when we are at the river and try to screw up every shot.

Little bastards...

And Heathens...

I know they are just trying to get my camera lens wet.

This morning started out with a good river romp because this being the first weekend of the month, means it's bath time in our house. Sorry, no great bath pictures. At the time of actual baths, I am too wet and hairy to man the camera. You can see as we get closer to the river in the heat, they perk up and start moving towards their favorite swimming holes.

Emmitt tries to hurry me along from behind with a wet cold nose to the back of the knee but still looks away when I go to snap his picture.

Like any kids, they just can't wait to get wet and dirty. What's love other than 80 pounds of long haired border collie with wet sand in their coat snuggling with you on your bed?

And I do mean swim... Look closely, this is one of the few Great Danes you will ever see swim. They just aren't huge swimmers but last summer he decided that he loved to swim with his brother and hasn't stopped since. You would think he's too skinny to swim, but he manages it just fine, especially if there's a toy to go get and tease his siblings with. He loves to stand in water that is just deep enough they have to swim yet he can stand there holding the toy out of their reach. Like I said, Little Bastards...

After all this fun we went to the dog wash, washed them all up, trimmed nails, and got brushed and Tucker had his customary every couple of month trim jobs. I bought one of those de-shedding tools to work on their coats too. I'm hopeful since it pulled so much hair out of them. My front yard is now covered with as much fur as is left on the dogs.


Bill's picture

Basic mantra..."more beads"
...but the yarn looks lovely and I'm sure will be enjoyed and fondled.

...wet dogs are wonderful!

AKQGuy's picture

Yeah, you want the wet dogs? I decided to cross post this blog entry over here because I knew you needed your Sullivan fix.

Crafty Andy's picture

You did a beautiful job spinning and beads, boy you are a champ. Lovely pictures.

AKQGuy's picture

Thank you very much Sir! I know you are quite the spinner and will take that as the compliment it is.

Tallguy's picture

oh-- front lawn covered with fur -- you know what I am thinking?? Well, that is what I do when I can get my hands on some fibre!

AKQGuy's picture

Have fun trying to dry out wet dog fur from the lawn, or pick out grass clippings. No, you wait for them to be dry before brushing for fiber. The following day after spring baths they blow their coat nicely for those tasks.


Its funny a friend of mine at church gave me some yarn lace weight. I looked at it and thought to myself why not put some beads in it some that glowed like the sky. I've not decided what yet but I've read many books on beading in knitting and found one matter of fact a discount store.
I love you kids. I have only one and he keeps me pretty occupied. I never have understood why after you spend all that time giving them a bath, brushing them up and looking for ticks etc, the minute your back is turned out her goes to the dirtiest dusty spot he can find.
My child before the one I have now did the following: I had given her a nice bath on a very hot day under the tree in my parents yard. The yard is fenced in however she knew how to get out. I had taken everything into the garage and for a split second she disappeared. To my anger she was in the field rolling in get this.... deer shit! I was so pissed. I simply hosed her off then let her dry off in the yard, she came back with that tell tale smile "ha you like that one didn't you dad?"

AKQGuy's picture

The old girl got very used to having toned every hike dunked and scrubbed in a cold creek until she finally gave up rolling in nasty. She often found bear poop, dead salmon, you name it. I used to joke that I could identify poop by what she did with it.

Potter's picture

I love the beaded yarn! What a wonderful gift that looks to be for your friend. I hope you will show some photos of the final project since I won't be at your retreat.
It looks like your horde is enjoying their summer with that swimming. I'm a tad jealous. Your river water looks so blue and clear compared to the red mud we call a river around here.

AKQGuy's picture

The blue is the reflected sky I think. The water is slowly clearing but it's been running pretty muddy. Not thick mind you, but pretty brown.

As far as the yarn goes, in my hands anyway this is the final product. It is a surprise for her so I have no idea what it will become, but as a respectable knitter/crocheter she probably has a sizable stash for it to reside in.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Great photos of the kids, Q. I hope the de-shedding tool helps with the surplus fur population. Glad, too, that Sully's eye is on the mend. Poor lad.

That yarn is so nice looking...I'll have to remember to ask for help if I ever decide to attempt something similar.
Looking forward to seeing the finished skein in person.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

AKQGuy's picture

He has a follow up appt in the morning. Fingers crossed.

SAPBrown's picture

Beautiful Yarn! I would love to see what she creates with it.

Nothing can motivate like a well placed wet dog nose.

AKQGuy's picture

Or so they think...

If she brings her project in perhaps I can get a picture to share.

CLABBERS's picture

I would love to watch you make this yarn, or any yarn, sometimes. You really have a way with fiber.


AKQGuy's picture

It is not near as fun as I think you think it is. Well, I guess my swearing can be entertaining.

CLABBERS's picture

It's always fun to see someone else struggle, spit, swear, but then make something beautiful.

AKQGuy's picture

I don't spit, but I regularly do the rest. In fact it has been noted that I can be a colorful swearer.

Nehkhasi's picture

Beautiful yarn again! So creative. Loving the color of the yarns and the beading!


AKQGuy's picture

Thank you! It was not the funniest project but have to admit I am happy with the results.