Finished Vest

Just finished the vest I have been working on. It's a nice moss green. Light enough to wear during the summer - at least in San Francisco where our summers can be a little cooler than the rest of the country. It'll look nice with a white t-shirt, or even a dress shirt. Thanks to those who helped when I couldn't figure out the pattern. As with most projects, I learned a lot!

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VERY NICE!! It's a great color too, one of my favorites.

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Beautiful! I smiled the moment I saw it! Congratulations!


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Beautiful work, Paul! It really does look great. That color is perfect for you as well. Very consistent stitching. Did you do it in the round or is it done front and back and then seamed on the sided and at the shoulders?


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Hey Mark,
Thanks! It was seamed - sides and shoulders. I was amazed that it lined up so well. Another first for me. Now I won't shy away from patterns that require seams.

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Isn't it nice when things work out the way they should?

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Great vest, Paul. That is a nice shade of green...and I don't care much for green, personally. Congrats

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That is a lovely piece of knitting. Great job! Hope you wear it proudly.

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nicely done. congrats

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Lovely work.

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Nice! Beautiful work.


love the color! very nice too!

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Lovely vest Paul, I love the colour.

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Beautifully done. And what a great color!

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Wow! Nicely done!