A New Hat Project

Thought I would step out of my comfort zone and try some fun cabling. Color coding the patterns seems like a wise thing to do. Time will tell.


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That's a marvelous idea! I've always had trouble reading charts, this might make it easier!! THANKS

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My mind really dislikes charts, especially ones like this one...just too many lines going every which way. I have dyslexia, so I prefer words as well. The colors, however, translate well in my head, so I may not have to write this all out.

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Makes sense to me.

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color coding, why are the brilliant ideas so simple in hindsight? Beautiful pattern can't wait to see the finished piece,.

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Hi Mark,
I can kind of see what's going on here, but not really. I was wondering if you'd mind going into more detail about how you arrived at that chart as well as how to read it. I SO MUCH PREFER charts to written instructions. That's true for me with both knitting and crochet. Once I understand how a chart is to be read, I find it MUCH easier to work from than verbal instructions. Please feel free to go on at great length. I'd love to know how to do this!

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Please don't think that I made this design or this chart. It's WAY beyond my mindset at this point in my knitting. There is a legend in the pattern. I have attached it as a file to my previous post...just under the photo.

You can get the pattern for free here: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter09/PATTknotty.php

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Oops! (blush) Totally misunderstood that. Looks like an awesome hat to make, though. I'm looking forward to seeing it when you're done.

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I got to the 12th row of the pattern and noticed a mistake several rows back and didn't feel like unknitting it, so I ripped it all out and have begun again. I'm back to row 9 now after the 1.25" ribbing rows. It's a tedious pattern...very fiddly...but that's the learning curve, I suspect. Hopefully, I'll finish it. The cable pattern is only 29 rows, but it's five times around, so there's plenty of opportunity to make mistakes.


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Great idea. As a slightly dyslexic left-hander, I had trouble with charts - at first. Now, luckily, I often prefer them. Still, upon occasion, I have to puzzle things out for them to make sense. Color coding would be a great way to help figure the chart out.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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One of my better investments in the fiber arts...Crayola colored pencils.

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Looking forward to seeing the finished hat.


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I recently started my first charted project.. very simple charts though -- nothing like this hat. So far I prefer written instructions. I'm still not used to the fact that the stitch notations mean the opposite thing depending on whether you're knitting on the right or wrong side. That seems crazy. :-P

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After my first six months of knitting I made an afghan that was from charts. The thing I find curious about back-and-forth knitting is that you read the chart in one direction on the odd rows, then the other direction on the even rows, and if knit is green and purl is white on the odd rows, then purls are green and knits are white on the even rows. I had to stop and really think about each row. It was especially important because the piece was so big. If I had gotten it wrong and repeated that error multiple times across the afghan, it would have stuck out like a sore thumb.

Here's how it turned out:
Afghan Photo

If you are ever tempted to try it, you can get it in the book The Knitting Man(ual) 20 + Projects for Guys
by Kristin Spurkland

The book is really inexpensive now but hardcover and beautifully done. Here's the link to the book on Amazon.com
Knitting Man(ual)

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I just purchased a book entitled "Charts Made Simple" by JC Briar as I hope to teach myself how to use them properly.
The hat is beautiful. Hats are one of my favorite small items to knit. I hope you post a pic of the finished item :)


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I just discovered that I misread one of the symbols and colored it the wrong color. I really dislike dyslexia! But, thankfully, no one I have shown it to can see any errors, so I'm not going to share what I did wrong. :) It is turning out very well. I will be posting it when I get it done.