Double Knitting - Take Two

I have been researching Double Knitting(DK) and wanted to share what I have found so far. Here is a list of DK tutorials in picture form.

There are many tutorials for basic double knitting(DK) on-line. Most are for simple, flat pieces, feature dual-sided color work, with the backside being a negative of the front.

here is a link from Knit Picks:
There are many others too, just search "double knit tutorials"

After a few aborted starts I realized I need help with the edges.
I found any easy to execute answer here:
The site is a little hard to navigate, but her Intarsia work is incredible.

With the basics covered, I wanted more. How do I increase or decrease? After a few unsatisfactory tries, I found the most comprehensive free DK tutorials. here:

For the less frugal has a few interesting on-line courses:
Foundations of Double Knitting is currently 25%off

P.S. Should I have posted this as a "Page" or "Forum Topic/Technique or resources."??


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I wish you the best of luck with it, Stephen. I find that double-knitting really scratches my itch. I'm working on some double-knit socks right now and I hope to post pictures before too much longer. Another great resource is the double-knitting group on Ravelry. All the best with it, Tom

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Double knitting in-the-round, I do not find much about that.
It is included in Craftsy's "Foundations of Double Knitting" online course. Guess I am going to breakdown and signup.

thanks for the encouragement,
looking forward to those socks


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See also "Alasdair Post-Quinn" who is a male double knitter and who has designed fantastic patterns.

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Yes! I read through it back when New York Built posted the massive list of Knitting Links awhile back. His Blog is quite informative as well.
Wonderful links there too.

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Alistair has a book out too, doesn't he?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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The book by Alasdair Post-Quinn is Extreme Double Knitting and is one of the best resources you'll find on Double Knitting. It's worth the purchase, but if you want to check it out first you should be able to find it at your local library! Definitely worth the read!
Hugzzz 8-)

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Looking over a few reviews,
His "Four Winds Hat" really interest me. Each side features different color work, not just a negative of the reverse.

Our local Library is somewhat limited, and sad to say, dated as well.

I have a Barnes and Noble gift card I have been looking for the right purchase to use, but they must be really proud for of it. $80 for a paperback! I would buy a Nook first. I really hope that is a typo.

Knit Picks has it for ($18):

Or from the publisher ($17):

I know what my splurge will be next payday.